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Work Station Upgrade 2009

0 Ish Good!

It's been a long time coming!

I've FINALLY upgraded my old 24" imac to a new 24" imac - totally built-to-order!

My previous workhorse was named the "Pluffy Palace" - but I think this computer deserves a name with much more... gusto.

I dub thee - the Henshin HQ!

The Henshin HQ!
Click to see what else is on my current desktop...

Although my previous system was still faring well, the upgrade was definitely needed and I can really tell a difference when working in Photoshop -- since most of my working files are ginormous~ :D is anyone interested in buying my old iMac? ^^?

For more photos of my work desk, both old and new - you can check them out in my flickr collection~ A lot has changed in 3 years! :D

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6 Replies

  • maiki

    I have the same art work, of the building. I have three pieces, I got it from the same Fanime where I met you.

    The palette and style remind me of Makoto Shinkai. It is like my own little happy place, in three frames. ^_^

  • Mike Dutton

    I love looking at other studio spaces! You guys have a great set-up. :)

    I've been considering the new 24" iMac too... but it's taking a little more thought since I'd be converting from PC... I might miss my right-clicks. ;) In case I do take the plunge, what sort of specifics did you go for that the out-of-box version didn't have?

    And great idea with the binder to elevate the tablet!

  • maiki

    @Mike Dutton: You can right-click in MacOS X. It depends on the mouse, and the default (so-called) Mighty Mouse has two buttons. It is a little wonky, and most of the peeps I know have their own favorite mouse.

    I use a wireless Mighty Mouse for my lappy, which is a 15" MacBook Pro. I use Ubuntu primarily, but either way, right-click is a part of the Apple interface now. ^_^

  • kitsy

    Maiki: Hey! (And we missed you at Fanime this past year~! ^o^) Kenji's got great color sense and does such a great job at making environments come to life~ I think from these particular prints, he was heavily inspired by Shinkai, but he's definitely grown a lot since then. I wanted to grab more of his prints, but he didn't attend Fanime this year - so no new prints~ TT;

    Mike: Thanks! Things have changed a lot since the previous desktop photos - we actually moved our work area from one corner of the house to the other.. just to avoid the crazy summer heat which is pretty terrible mid-summer, mid-day. X_X; The corner looks similar, but I lost my window to the outside world~

    As for my computer, I purchased the next to the top of the line 24" iMac and upgraded to:
    -3.06gHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    -ATI Radeon HD 4850 512MB

    I currently have 4GB RAM, but will probably upgrade to 8GB when the price drops.

    I was thinking about the MacPro, but thought twice when it came to space and overall need. (Considering I'd have to buy a monitor on top of the system) Since I only do 2D work, I won't need the super-processors.

  • reynard61

    " is anyone interested in buying my old iMac? ^^?"

    Maybe. What are the specs? (i.e. Type[G4?, G5?], speed (Mhz), memory, add-ons. (DVD, etc.) How much? Willing to split shipping?

  • Katrina Sperl

    i would love 2 have your old computer!!!! PLEASE!!! i will ask my mom...we have like 4,but i grandma's,the laptop,the big monitor,and an old broken one....but i will ask.....i thank myself for check your site....bye =)