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Pup Look-Alikes!

0 Ish Good!

They say with the bajillions of people out there, there's bound to be someone that looks like you.

This applies to the pups as well~ :D

Anna D., a long-time reader and fan -- and guest artist -- contacted me a few weeks earlier about a mysterious pair of pups she found locally that looked a LOT like the early versions Anpan & Nemu. Curious myself, I asked her to send photos.

...and here they are!

Aren't they cute? She went an extra step and re-enacted some of the scenes from our early comics! :D

Anpan+Hat.jpg Anpan+Hat2.jpg AnpanScarf.jpg
NemuDrawing.jpg NemuPhone.jpg PupsDown.jpg

Thanks Anna for sharing these great photos! :D

Have you found pups or people with striking resemblance to our characters? Share!

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7 Replies

  • Ron, the Beast of Middlesex County

    It's funny this should come up. One of the first things I noticed when I found this comic was how much Anpan and Nemu resemble the one and only plush companion I had as a child. My parents got rid of him long ago, without telling me, and in the many years since I've often wondered what happened to him...

  • erikochan

    I think I've mentioned it before, but the place where I used to work (Webkinz) made a "Cheeky Dog" that sort of remind me of Anpan and Nemu. Well, except for the dark patches on the eyes. XD

    Did you know that an original Cheeky Dog Webkinz (with an unused tag) was worth ~$1500 at one time? O__O; I have no idea what they're worth now... These two were prototypes, which is why one of them has slightly different coloured fur.

  • jen

    What kind of stuffies are those? They're adorable!

  • kitsy

    jen: according to Anna, they're from "Teddy & Friends". Which might only be based in Australia?

    eriko: Cute! That's the first time I've seen them~ A number of stores jumped on the Webkinz' craze here, but I still haven't seen any dog plushies - usually frogs -- for whatever reason. XD Thanks for sharing the photo!! :D So cute!

  • Kitty

    Actually, my boyfriend asked me to keep his first beanie baby for him which he got when he was a kid. He named her Pascha, and she really looks like the pups. :) Long before I started reading Nemu-Nemu, he and I would drape Pascha on our heads, much like how Anpan sits on Ani's head. ^^

    Hey, maybe you can ask people to send photos of their LOL Pups look-alikes! I'm sure there would be lots, and it would be fun! :D

    • Audra Furuichi

      Kitty: Our original original inspiration for the pups actually came from the Ty beanie baby line~ :D I'd love to see photos of your look-alikes!

      We'll see if we can set up a gallery for pup (and pup look-alike) photos for visitors to contribute to~ :D