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News Flash!

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Hey all!

It's a quick news flash of stuff that's been up over the past week that I missed mentioning!

1) nemu*nemu was mentioned on Vic F.'s new webcomic reporting site, "Koi Koi Eleven"! As an added bonus, Vic does his own webcomic, "Dubmarine", as well~

lumitwins.jpg2) I was featured as a guest on the Art & Story EXTREME!!! podcast! For those not familiar, the "Extreme!" podcast is a shorter, more casual take on the Art & Story podcasts and Alive talkcasts. I get to talk story about my new computer, some of my woes with Painter, automatic personality overdrive, and my ball-jointed doll collection... (see photo~)

You can listen in on the Art & Story blog or download/subscribe from iTunes.

And a quick reminder that we will have our first "official" book-signing at Borders Books & Music at Ward Center on Saturday, July 18th from 2pm-3pm! More info here~

Save the date!

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  • Karma

    I found out about this wonderful comic of yours through Vic's site! ^_^

    I'm so glad he mentioned it, because nemu*nemu is a great, wonderful comic and I've absolutely fallen in love with it, ever since I saw it a couple days ago!

    You've got a new, loyal fan-for-life! yay! Hugs and ice cream for everyone! hehe.