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Truth, Justice... Hope

0 Ish Good!

Introducing our July '09 East Oahu Sun exclusive!

The pups are back with Anise -- and they've got an agenda!

Truth, Justice... Hope


Some nifty news to share~! Scott and I were both guests of the latest Big Illustration Party Time podcast. Joshua Kemble and Kevin Cross were excellent hosts - we has so much fun just chatting about comics, the business, and a little bit about our backgrounds.

You can grab the episode on their Talkshoe page, or if you're a user of iTunes, you can subscribe to their podcast there!

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2 Replies

  • Cherry

    Nyama nyamas are the only things on the pup's minds... not to mention Anise's too... ^.^'
    Very cute! Keep up the good work! :D

  • Nemu~nemu lover!!!

    so cute!!! milk and cookies... i wonder what kana thinks...