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The Henshin Bag 2.0

0 Ish Good!

So remember this in-progress shot of drawings on canvas?

Project in Progress

Well, it has finally been completed!

Timbuk2 Custom Messenger Bag #2 Timbuk2 Custom Messenger Bag #2

It's a custom Timbuk2 X-small messenger bag with reflective silver ballistic canvas panels~ All around awesomeness~!

You can view all the in-progress shots of my work at our flickr collection.

Note: THIS one is not for sale~ ^^

Now the million dollar question: Would you be interested in commissioning your own custom bag?

There's a good possibility we might be able to do a few special custom orders in conjunction with the Timbuk2 shop. Is there any interest?

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12 Replies

  • blubloodrazberry

    omg i would totally commission a bag! if only i had the money..... orz

  • Katsuboy

    I'd commission work from you...on a bag, regualr prints, anything, hehe.

  • devlyn

    Absolutely! The only thing I would wonder about is the waterproof-ness of the middle panel (I live in Portland, OR). But I would love love love a bag like that!

    • Audra Furuichi

      That's a good question... Since the art has been done with alcohol markers the durability has yet to be seen. However, the art panel has been spray-coated on both incarnations of the Henshin bag. Not quite water-proof, but it's protected. ^^

      I'll have the ask the Timbuk2 reps if their resident artists can suggest any coatings to help waterproof the canvas panel without destroying the artwork.

  • RaJ

    Being able to commission bags would be EPIC WIN.

  • fillyjonk

    Yeah, I'd totally do it if I could afford it. It would be wonderful.

  • julie

    Yes, if it were waterproof, I'd love to order one!

  • Geri-chan

    I would definitely be interested, but it would depend on the price. Maybe you could give us an idea of what you might charge?

    • Audra Furuichi

      The base cost is the custom bag made to your specifications (and any add on extras) + shipping/handling. Bags range from about $49-155 without any extras. (I believe the canvas panel is an additional charge?)

      As for the commissioned art panel, it depends on the size and scope of the project. Rough estimate for my portion would be about $100.