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San Diego Comic Con Search Party

0 Ish Good!

Well, Scott and I won't be there this year -- but a number of our friends and acquaintances will:

Here's some to search for if you'll be attending!

PMBQ Studios/Unemployed Pandas: #4519
Flight Booth (Mike Dutton and other incredible artists): #2329
Stan Sakai (Usagi Yojimbo): #4906
Bumper Boy (Debbie Huey): #O-16
Lark Pien: #P-1
Mister Toast: #4831
Becky Cloonan: #1322
Lava Punch (o_8, et al): #G-08
Vuduberi (Pat, CP, Pailin, Saka, FsC): #4616
Scullery Press/Donnachada Daly: #C-6

I'm sure there's many more I'm missing here... Feel free to add some of your own favorites in the comments! :D

For all in attendance, have a GREAT time! Mayhaps we'll make it next year~ T_T!

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2 Replies

  • Kk

    I think Haminal is going to me there? I'm not sure, usually is though...

  • erikochan08

    Eisu, Aimo and Oniyon(Hanie) will be visiting SDCC from Malaysia again this year (and I'm gonna miss them! Agh!) They'll have their group comic Yongumix MEOW. I think Eisu will also be selling the first compiled print volume of his webcomic No Pink Ponies!

    Be sure to visit them at the Blatant Comics booth #1328 (next to Keenspot).