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Help Wanted: Transcriptions!

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Although we do most of our own transcriptions when we update our strips, we still have a number of older strips that still need them - namely the first 17 chapters (or, well - until this strip).

What normally looks like:


May currently look like this:


Why do we need help?

Well, say, someone is searching for something obscure -- like "pineapple burgers". By typing it into the search bar, it'll bring up as many entries that have "pineapple burgers" in the text. Search engines can't read images, and sometimes those key words are only in the dialogue.

How do you make a transcription? Simple! Just follow the examples we have already done! But you can follow this general pattern:

Panel 1:
[Feel free to describe the scene, actions, sound effects]
Character 1: text
Character 2: text

Complete each one separately and we will update them as we receive them! We'll also credit your efforts, so please be sure to enter your name as you would like it to be recorded!

And! A BIG thanks to all who have already helped us with transcriptions! You rock!

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