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Peanut Butter Mochi and Anpan

0 Ish Good!

When Ani is talking about "Peanut Butter Mochi" in today's strip, she must be talking about this:

See da Peanyuts! See da peanyut butter!

and.. of course, the anpan:

Watch dog

Find my previous posts about da real local Mochi Lady, Renee and anpan and learn more about both! :D

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4 Replies

  • kaiki

    I forgot if you explained this earlier, but why is Nemu wearing a black armband in the top left picture? I always associate black armbands with being in mourning so I was curious.

    Thanks =D

  • Linda Tengan

    Renee's mochi is super delicious...and heavenly!

  • TempleDog

    Anybody know what them Korean snacks with the gooey rice flour and sweet red bean centers are called? They rocks. Is a peanut-butter mochi a different flava o' the same thang? Later!