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[Website] New Membership Features

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Kimonostereo Profile Page

When we first started to plan the nemu*nemu website update, one of the first things we really wanted to do was create a better community for the readers. This is how the idea of memberships came about. Many of you are regulars here and post comments on almost every comic that we publish. We wanted a way where all of you could get to know each other and maybe become friends, if you felt inclined to do so.

So nemu*nemu with a lot of tweaking in MovableType, membership was born! Becoming a member is FREE and it allows you to do some cool things on nemu*nemu. You can register by clicking here or at the link at the top of the webpage.

First, all nemu*nemu members get a profile page where others can learn about you. Some of the cool profile page features include:

  • Changeable Avatar

  • Bio section

  • Showcase your website

  • Follow / Unfollow other members

  • See who is following you

  • Add other profiles. If you have Twitter or Facebook profiles (or about 50 other services), you can add them here and the items you add to those services will show up on your profile at nemu*nemu.

In addition to the profile page, you will be able to "favorite" comics and blogs by clicking on the "Ish Good!" star. Each favorite is recorded in your profile timeline called "recent actions".

To see other nemu*nemu members, click the Members link in the menu above.

For those who aren't interested in becoming a member, you can still comment "anonymously" and add an avatar by using gravatar and the appropriate email address. You can also log into nemu*nemu to comment using any of the other services available (Yahoo, Google, VOX, LiveJournal, etc.) by clicking the "sign-in" link.

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