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1 Ish Good!

A special August '09 East Oahu Sun exclusive comic, a small tribute to M.J.


Link to Flickr page here.

So, yes -- it's about a month late, but our deadline came right around the time the news started spreading. ^^; Such is the way of monthly comic submissions!

Regardless of everything Michael Jackson was known for (both good and bad), both Scott and I had fond memories of emulating him in our youth. For my pre-kindergarden summer fun "class", I remember doing an updated version of "Cinderella" where I was cast as a duke dressed in a mix of MJ stage wear -- complete with high water pants, socks, white glove, and sunglasses. (Too bad I don't have access to these photos -- I'm sure they're in storage somewhere...) I even remember them telling me to try "moonwalking" for the show. I doubt that turned out well. XD;

Meanwhile, Scott's got some of the MJ moves down that he practices in the privacy of the darkest depths of the studio. :D

So indeed, MJ -- thanks for the memories!

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