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[Event] Monsters of Webcomics

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Some nifty news for NorCal folks~

nemu*nemu will be participating in a small part of the San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum's "Monsters of Webcomics" exhibit taking place from August 8 thru December 6, 2009!

Monsters of Webcomics Logo

The show features artists Jesse Reklaw, Kate Beaton, Phil & Kaja Foglio, Dorothy Gambrell, Nicholas Gurewitch, Jenn Manley Lee, Dylan McConis, Chris Onstad, and Spike.

We have been accepted as part of their "virtual" gallery -- a projected slideshow of various webcomic artists from all over~ (Click here to see a full list of the artists included in the virtual gallery!)

For more info on the gallery and museum, visit the official site! There will also be a few events associated with the show, so if you live in the area, don't miss out!

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