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[Review] BStrong Accessories Cintiq Screen Protector

2 Ish Good!

So, I've had my 20" Cintiq since late 2007 and it has truly changed the way I've done my work. Folks ask me about it every now and again and I have a few notes about it.

  1. The screen gets hot with use, so wear a glove. (I use SmudgeGuards. In fact, I have 3. ^^;)
  2. It takes up a lot of desk space so have room available -- it will be your dual monitor.
  3. Clean your screen often.

Which brings me to my post.

About 6 months ago, I started noticing a "gumminess" to my screen. It couldn't really be felt with my fingers, but I could definitely feel it with my stylus. It's a little hard to explain. When I drew over the spot with my stylus, it would "catch" and "drag". I couldn't see any scratches, but I did notice some smudges and attempted to clean it with a damp cloth at first, then eye glass cleaner.

(Important Note: Spray the paper/cloth -- NOT the screen directly!)

Cleaning seemed to fix the problem, but never seemed to last very long. Then, Cadistra on Twitter suggested a screen protector.

A screen protector? I was imagining all sorts of plastic sheets, cases, adhesive films... not quite sure what to expect. So I ordered mine from Strong Engineering Inc. What arrived was a long, skinny box with a rolled plastic sheet inside.

BStrong Cintiq Screen Protector

The plastic sheet had 2 sides -- one "textured" side (the front) and the smooth plastic side with adhesive tapes on all 4 edges. Remove the paper strips, fit to screen and press down. Simple! No bubbles! What's additionally neat is that the tape is removable, so the screen can be re-adjusted over and over again.

BStrong Cintiq Screen Protector BStrong Cintiq Screen Protector

So the verdict?

Thus far, it has been GREAT! No gumminess to worry about and the texture of the protective screen feels great with the stylus. In fact, the screen doesn't feel as hot with the screen on. Some may even be able to do light work without a glove.

BStrong Cintiq Screen Protector

Considering the overall hefty cost of a Cintiq, getting a screen protector is a pretty small investment for longevity of your equipment! (Especially since my model, the 20WSX has been discontinued...) Strong Engineering has a wide variety of screen protectors for all different sizes.

Highly recommended!

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3 Replies

  • Cadistra

    I'm really glad my review helped! Glad to see I'm not the only one who noticed that it was also cooler to the hand didn't 'stick' when trying to draw smooth motions. ^_^;
    May you and your Cintiq make beautiful art together!

  • norman

    Hi can you please give an update on how the screen protector is working for you and if it has melted at all/scratched up/caused cintiq monitor to overheat/warp/etc? I just got the 20wsx and am interested in getting a protector like yours. thanks!

    • Audra Furuichi

      I highly recommend this screen protector. It's been an excellent investment thus far. No warping, no problems with cintiq sensitivity that I can tell. I can't feel any scratches on the surface if there are any.

      Hope you enjoy your Cintiq! :D