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Site Updates & Supporting nemu*nemu!

0 Ish Good!

Despite sickness, Scott has managed to eek out a few site updates~!

First off, we have finally updated our "New Readers" tab in our navigational bar.


...and second~ We updated our Support page.


I know I don't say it nearly enough, but nemu*nemu truly does exist with your support. Be it word of mouth, site linkage, transcriptions, coming to see us and cheer us on at events, purchase items from our shop, and/or monetary donations, these are all so important for us to grow with and by.

Every little bit of effort helps us a long, long way~!

... and lastly, everyone can "favorite" comics they like!

Favorites Are Open to All!

Previously only open to site members, we've opened up this option to all visitors! If you think the comic is great, click on the "Ish Good!" button! It's a great way to leave feedback anonymously without typing a word!

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