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Dole Plantation Excursion

0 Ish Good!

It's not often we have a chance to get out of the studio on weekends and do more than the usual errands of grocery and goods shopping.

This past weekend, in need of a serious refresher, we drove out to the opposite end of the island for some epic pizza at our favorite local joint, Spaghettini's in Haleiwa and Dole Whip.

Pups @ Dole Plantation

(Note: Dole Whip is a pineapple soft-serve that's more "juicy" than "milky". Very refreshing and creamy~ :D)

Pups @ Dole Plantation
Like so!

More photos of the pups' adventures can be seen at the tail-end of our pups' flickr gallery!

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  • reynard61

    That Dole-whip looks yummy! I don't suppose they'd send a gallon to a certain nemu-nemu fan living in the Hoosier State, would they?