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Glasses - A Love-Hate Relationship

2 Ish Good!

Since the topic has come up in comments of recent strips, I thought I'd address things from a personal perspective~


Kana's relationship with her glasses is all too true for me. In fact, each and every one of her concerns are things I've personally experienced throughout the years. (Yes- I actually crashed into lane lines during a swim meet in high school because my goggles fell off my face when diving into the pool -- a very common occurrence for me.)

Well, except the hurricane thing... but it is a deep rooted fear of mine. XD;

These strips just outline just a few of my glasses mishaps... I'm certain we have a number of "chronic" glasses-wearers out there~~ Do you have some of your own stories to tell? :D

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15 Replies

  • Koiyuki

    I think one of the pivotal moments in my glasseswearing history was when I had to go for one day without them.It was one of the most trying days of my life, and by day'send I thought I would've hit a truck on my bike

  • Vivi

    I remember going about... 3 years in my childhood without glasses. Then, when we finally were able to get some, I remember putting my glasses on, walking outside and seeing a whole new world. D: It was shocking!

  • Kay Jay

    Haha irrational fear concerning glasses would be that they fall off my face when I look down from a high place.

  • DarkCrOw

    I like to watch t.v. with them on but i really dislike eating while wearing them so i took them off and left them on the couch when i came back from eating and without thinking i sat down on the couch and heard a loud crunch... :(

  • Aluria

    I've always been very thankful for having 20/20 vision. Sadly, when I hit my 40's I'll have to start wearing glasses. Damn genes. . .

  • Ellie

    I've worn glasses since 5th grade, I'm pretty blind without them. I remember when I was at summer camp, I had to wear my glasses to swim to the sailing dock, because it was so flat I couldn't see it. Someone kicked them off and the sank, and we couldn't find them even after hours of diving. I went the rest of the week without activities included high ropes - and archery! I actually managed to get a bull's eye, but it was on the wrong target! T_T

    I've had my glasses get broken multiple times, and being without them is scary. I have no depth perception without 'em, so along with people who worry about them falling off at great heights, I'm afraid *I* will fall off a great height if I don't have glasses! Without a really stark contrast everything blurs together, so I can't tell if a step or ledge is one foot or 6. Scary!!

  • Buffy

    I've been wearing glasses ever since I was in 2nd grade. It's a big pain, cause every time I go for my checkup, my sight gets worse and worse every time. It's kinda funny though.. well, to my friends. Somehow my pain from bumping into walls or people amuses them. THAT'S MY FRIENDS FOR YA! :D

  • amanda.lynne.barrett

    While working as a TSS, I remember taking off my very heavy bag and having the strap catch on my glasses. With the angle and heaviness of the bag I ended up cutting the side of my nose and my forehead pretty bad with the nose piece. My client had to practice the urge to not tell every one in the whole school the incident that happened to me.

  • animatsuri

    I definately relate to seeing 3D moives with glasses. It's a pain to constantly adjust the 3D glasses over your own(i tried putting my glasses on top of the 3Ds also -not much better).

    Until they start making clip ons 3D lenses or if get around to making one myself, I've made it a point to skip 3D movies nowdays and just watch the regular version.

  • enibly

    Actually, I personally don't remember having many big mishaps with my glasses.
    HOWEVER, one of the most annoying things in the entire world is when you can't find your glasses. I'm talking about those times when you know no one has taken them, and they're probrably right on the table in front of you, but you still can't spot them, even when you blindly feel around everywhere. And then, you go searching all over for them, only to realize that they're right in the place you first checked. >.<

  • james

    the worst thing ive experience with my glasses is either the multiple kids wanting to try on my glasses...and also tripping and falling straight on them and my nose...

  • Boot'em

    The summer I was eight yo, a guy moved in to a rental house on our block that rode a motorcycle. Whenever he went riding he wore jeans that looked as if he had them sprayed on, a tight black T-shirt and tall engineer boots with his jeans tucked down inside them. It was so cool watching him crush out a cigarette or step on trash to flatten it with those boots on. I thought there was nothing that could survive being under his big bad boots.

    He looked like a comic book super hero to me. The best part was he always had time to talk to me or let me help him work on his bike. Whenever I was feeling bad about myself, I would go see "Kurt" because he treated me like a little brother.

    Toward the end of summer, I suffered the worst fate a kid could have. A visit to the optometrist showed that I needed glasses. What a horror. I knew I didn't want to go back to school wearing glasses and for a while I took them off and hid them in my pocket whenever I left the house.

    One day I stopped by to visit Kurt. He was working on the carb of his bike so I hung out and handed him tools as he needed them. Then my evil little kid mind got an idea. Kurt was kneeling down next to his bike and wasn't paying attention to where I was, so I took the glasses out of my pocket and quietly laid them on the ground under his right boot. I knew the minute he stood up the weight of his foot would flatten the frames and crush the lenses. It worked! Not only did he crush them, but as he stood up he was turning around and wound up grinding the lenses to crumbs under the toe of his boot.

    He felt really bad about smashing my glasses, but I said it was all my fault. They must have fallen out out my pocket when I pulled my handkerchief out. I should have noticed and picked them up before they got stepped on. Then I fibbed to my folks and told them I lost my glasses at the park. They told me I would just have to do without glasses until I learned to take better care of them.

    I thought I had taken care of them REAL good! LOL