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2 Ish Good!

Some of you might have guessed that this chapter is heavily based on "life experiences". Be it losing my glasses, running slow, or just plain being chosen last for teams -- been there, done that.

burples-01.gif So back in the late 80's, my parents signed me up for a neighborhood girls' softball league. To this day, I'm not sure if it was because my brother was in baseball, my dad wanting at least one of us to be decent at his favorite sport (aside from golf), my mom's idea for us to be well-exercised, or my grandfather's idea to have us both play baseball so he could happily watch from the sidelines.

My team was called the "Burples" - a name chosen by my teammates. (It was a running gag among some of the girls to call out "burples" whenever someone burped out loud... I don't get it either.) Early on, everyone got nicknames. Mine was...

...wait for it...


To top things off, I was #1. It quickly dawned on me that we were numbered not by name -- we were ranked by skill - from worst to best.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately?) I don't have my softball team photo with me here, so this drawing will have to do -- as the closest representation I can sketch from memory. ^^;

To this day, I still think we should have been called the "Looney Tunes"...

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5 Replies

  • amanda.lynne.barrett

    I am sooooo with you. I was not only forced to go to my older brother, my family thought I should play softball. My team treated me as an outcast- they openly expressed how much they hated me and the coach made me the honorary "bench warmer" (she claimed "I don't have favorites" yet you'd never see her 3 daughters sit a single inning).

    Thank God my mom saw how miserable I was and put me into dance and gymnastics.

    Can you take a guess what sport my future children will not be in?

  • Katsuboy

    Boy, you sure had a rough childhood, haha! But look where you are now :)

  • Jaymee

    My softball experience ended with me getting beaned in the face by the ball. /sob

  • Bengo

    Very charming story of childhood.

  • XxNiNjaXx