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Help Needed: New Shirt Design!

7 Ish Good!

So, we need your help!

We're working out some new t-shirt designs and these three are our top runners~

BFFs - Milk and Cookies Old Skool Rocks!

Flying Through the Clouds!

The designs are still pretty rough, so if you have any feedback, feel free to either e-mail us or leave a message in the comments! T-shirt colors and ink have yet to be decided as well~!

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25 Replies

  • Kaen

    All three designs are so cute! I personally love Design 2, but Design 1 comes out as the strongest of the three.

    For Design 1, I feel that the "BFFS!" image and text should be a tad bigger than "MILK!" and "COOKIE!".
    It looks like something is missing from the design as well...were you planning on adding something else to it? Like a heart or a "=" for example?

    I apologize if this didn't sound clear;; Really looking forward to how this turns out! :D

    • Audra Furuichi

      I'm not sure if for Design #1 if I should put the BFFs on the back, on the side, or directly under the Milk! + Cookie! drawings. Or even put the BFFs on the front and the Milk! + Cookie! on the back/side?

      It's an idea that we've had stewing for a while, but just not sure how to make it work as a shirt design~

      Thanks for the feedback! Twas muchly helpful! ^_^

      • Kaen

        Having "Milk! + Cookie!" on the front of the shirt as a large print might work actually, with the "Bffs" in the back printed smaller. I have a feeling that it might be too busy if all three designs are in the front.

        If you do happen to do that, the "+" wouldn't be needed at all in the design~

  • yumeko

    i like all of them but for a tshirt, i think design 2 will work best

  • Leilani

    My vote is definitely for #1!! I like both of them on the front since it makes for a cute "equation".

    All of the designs are really cute, though!!

  • nunuu

    I like the idea of design #1 but not so much its layout. It sort of does look like a front and back design more than just the front. ^^

    I guess I shall vote #2 since that one works well and is cute and silly. :D

    (#3's sort of neat too though. ._.~)

  • fillyjonk

    Well, I'm gonna give some love to poor neglected #3. That's my favorite.

  • Gentian

    I like two and three. They are all very cute though. I think I like 2 because of the music related aspect.

    I think no. 1 would work best in a line like an equation: milk + cookie = BFFS

    The BFFS drawing would look great as a small design on a sleeve or back of shirt for any of the designs.

  • Rin

    1, with 3 at a close second!

  • Shawn Robare

    I think design number two does a good job of both promoting what the strip is all about while also just being appealing as a basic concept (and also tapping a little bit into that 70s/80s retro vibe that's big with the kids these days.) My only suggestion would be to add a level of retro to the design either through the font or detail like wood paneling on the side of the record player. You might even want to consider adding something to the slogan like "Old Skool Rocks at 78rpm!" or something like that.

  • rika

    Augh... I want all of them, but if I only can have 1, I'd pick 2.

  • Lauren

    I like all 3, although I really love design 3. Probably because I really like flying, birds, planes, and clouds and such. All 3 are cute though :D

  • H

    i want all three! i don't care, they are sooo cute. i will buy all three!!

  • Geri-chan

    It's so hard to choose--I love all three of them! The milk and cookies design is adorable, and I love anything to do with Pollo, but I voted for #2, since that design seemed the most striking to me. But I'd buy all three if you decided to use all of them!

  • Lizzi

    Wow...all of these designs are really good! If you made all of them and I had the money, I'd probably buy them all since they're all so cute!<3 My sister likes #1, but even though I like them all, I like #2 the best because it stand out the most...Nemu looks cute with the headphones especially ^.^

  • animatsuri

    I voted for #2 also but, it looks like most like either #1 or #3. We may have a run off at this rate.

  • Amber

    3 is my favorite, and I just realized it reminds me of Gir riding the pig. Hahaha.

  • enibly

    Aww... my favorite design, #2, is lagging way behind in the polls :(
    The other two designs are really cute, but I really think the "Old Skool" theme is the most fun and unique.
    Plus, Nemu's wearing old school headphones, which are some of the awesomest things ever!

  • herogear

    I think all three are winners, but my heart loves the milk + cookies one most!

  • kimonostereo

    Voting is now closed! Thanks for everyones help and thoughtful suggestions. Now, it's time for us to get to work on one of the designs!

  • Aluria

    I vote for Design #2, it's totally awesome^^

  • moffetta

    I love them all too, but #2 is so UNIQUE. That's my personal favorite. There's so many Pollo fans, I bet #3 would be a best seller, and #1 ISH SOOOOO CUTE!

    Sigh. Do we really have to pick just one?

  • ilovenemu808

    i really like the bffs! the other designs r kool too.

  • WightCrow

    They're all cute, but 3 is far and away my favorite! As you asked for color ideas, I think it'd be cute if you made Anpan's little plane red--he'd be like a mini-Red Baron! It'd also be cute if, rather than filling in the sky, you just made it the color of the shirt--so if it was a blue shirt, or a red shirt, that's the color of the sky, with the clouds, birds, and pups on top!