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Guest Strip at JEFBOT!

1 Ish Good!

Our second guest strip goes live at JEFBOT!


Jeff has been uber gracious and helped us out more than once (here and here) over the past couple years and it was the very least I could do to help a fellow webcomicker out (with Hawaii ties, nonetheless!)

He's got a great semi-autobiographical strip going two (and a half?) years strong~ Be sure to check it out~! :D

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3 Replies

  • reynard61

    I love both your comics, so that page was quite a treat!

  • rika

    I love how you drew that! I've never really seen you draw in that style, and I like it, and I love the last panel!

  • Zyconis

    I had never read jeffbot until this post!
    I absolutely love it, thanks for introducing me to an awesome comic!