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[Event] Winter Events 2009

2 Ish Good!

So we finally have confirmation on all our winter events!

1) Alternative Press Expo '09 - San Francisco, CA
October 17-18, 2009, Table # 253

Note: Here's the catch... our books and pups (and pollo!) will be there, but we won't. ^^;; Deb Aoki of Bento Box and fame will be sharing a table with us. Be sure to stop by though and say hi! We'll most definitely get the message! :D

2) Noelani Elementary School Winter Craft Fair - Manoa, HI
November 14, 2009, 9am - 2pm
Cafeteria - Table #10

(This is the elementary school my brother wanted to go to. XD;)
This will be our first year exhibiting at this event.

3) Hawaii United Okinawa Association Winter Craft Fair - Waipahu, HI
November 28-29, 2009, 9am - 3pm (Sat), 9am - 2pm (Sun)
Legacy Hall - Table #508

We're indoors this time! Yay!

4) Moanalua High School Winter Craft Fair - Moanalua, HI
December 12, 2009, 9am - 3pm
H-Building - Space #134

We're back in the same space as the Spring Fair!
Moanalua High School Craft Fair Map '09

We hope to see you there! :D

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7 Replies

  • Zyconis

    You guys will see me at the Moanalua High School one for sure!!

  • Heather

    Speaking of events, TCAF 2010 is now accepting applications (due Nov. 15).

  • kawaii808

    i'll see u guys at the moanalua hs one cause my mom will be selling her crafts there. i think the okinawa center one is the same weekend at the one at the blaisdell which i will be at ): u guys should try to get into one of the big craft fairs at blaisdell!!

    i cant wait to get another t-shirt from u guys (: i wanna nemu n anpan plushie too so im saving up some money for that ^^

  • Kk

    So, for the APE thing in San Fran, are you going to be selling your pins, shirts, books, plush, etc, well not you guys but Deb? I live in the area but wasn't sure what all this APE stuff was about. The pics on Flickr helped though.

    • Audra Furuichi

      @KK: Deb will only be selling Volume 1-3, Art of nemu Vol 2 and the plush pups + pollo at APE.

      Think of APE like a giant artist's alley~ There are comics people, illustrators, animators, shops, crafters, etc - it's a big variety of talent in one small space. ^^

  • FurikakeH-A-P-P-Y

    Thank you so much for coming to the moanalua High School Winter Craft Fair!!! You guys are really cool in person! Audra, you're so retarded (oh, you know what I mean. how else can you come up with a genuine webcomic like Nemu-Nemu!), and Scott... Umm... You were kinda quiet... Maybe you need a coffee!!! XD
    It was fun seeing all the stuff you guys sell in real life! And I hope you guys come again next year so I can try to advertise for you guys again! (--oops, did I blow my cover on who I am?! O.O;)


    PS. I hope I wasn't the only dude at the booth... That would be embarassing... >.>;