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Latest News: [Notice] Black Friday and Holiday Sales!



Halloween Mystery & APE!

1 Ish Good!

First off! The October East Oahu Sun exclusive strip is now up!


If you'd like to read through the EOS archives, they're now all available in our gallery! Some of them have added commentary and you can comment and favorite each strip just like our regular strips!

Note: If the strips are too small to read in the gallery, scroll below and find the "Download Original" link to see the full size.

In other news!

I can't believe how fast the month is flying by. o_o;;;

The Alternative Press Expo is taking place this weekend~ I'm really sad that we're missing it this year. There's a lot of awesome talent flying in this year. *sigh* It was just a bad weekend for us in general.

As a reminder, Deb Aoki will be selling our goods at table #253! She'll have a limited stock of pups, pollo, and books. If you leave her any messages, we'll be sure to get them~ ^^

Have a great weekend everyone~ It'll be a really busy one for us!

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