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Readership Contest CLOSED & the BFF Parade

4 Ish Good!

Much thanks to everyone who participated in our Readership Drive! The mini pups, Pollo, and Mister Buns are all headed out to our grand prize winner, Konoe, who drew in an impressive 125 unique referrals!

As for our random drawing prize winner, this is being handled a little differently~

I was somewhat lenient on screening the potentially fraudulent entries (due to school and shared family computers) and decided to hold off formally announcing our random drawing winner until we established contact with them via e-mail.

So if we don't hear from our first draw by Wednesday, we'll move the the second draw, etc~ ^^

* * * * *

Also, a couple announcements~

Our first holiday season event is coming up on November 14 at Noelani Elementary School in Manoa~ (Please refer to the "Upcoming Events" bar on our front page for maps and times!)

We will have a few new items for sale, one of which being a brand new shirt design dubbed "BFF Parade"!

Also available for pre-sale in the nemu*nemu shop!

Not sure if you remember, but this design originated from the popular "Milk & Cookies" design voted on in our t-shirt poll a few months back~

And note~ there's a small back design as well!

My personal favorite BFFs~ ^^

This latest design is available in both Unisex and Ladies' American Apparel shirts for $18. Due to the size of the design, we are unable to print children's shirts for this run.

We expect to have them in hand by the end of the week. Get your orders in to make sure your shirt is reserved! :D

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  • Konoe S.

    thank you so much for holding the contest ^^ I'm also happy I can help, too! A lot of my friends now are talking about Nemu Nemu. They all think Anpan is very, very cute (me too! cause I brainwashed them >> haha~)