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Winter Events START!

1 Ish Good!

We will be kicking off our scheduled winter events this weekend with our first showing at the Noelani Elementary School Winter Craft Fair! The event starts at 9am and ends at 2pm. You can find us in the cafeteria, table #10. Refer to this post for the campus map and other info!

We will have the full array of merchandise available for sale, including the pups, pollo, t-shirts, books, original artwork, and our new fleece hats and pins!

Shop Note: We are somewhat low on Unisex Toasty Mediums and Ladies BFF Parade XLs. Although we will likely to re-order these shirts in the springtime, if you'd like them in time for the holiday season, I highly suggest ordering them soon. All other t-shirt designs, once sold out will not be re-ordered.

Check out our current inventory in our shop!

We have also been invited back to the St. Andrew's Priory Holiday Faire, courtesy of the Art department, taking place on December 5th. Priory is my alma mater and it's always fun to return to the school for these events~! They are still in the middle of scheduling the times and locations, so I'll be making a later post with more detailed information.

Demo'ing digital work via projector~

Speaking of the Priory, I was also invited last week Thursday to speak with the elementary school students about nemu*nemu and do some demonstrations~! It was SO much fun! Unfortunately, since it was a solo talk, I don't have any photos! Hopefully I'll get a few from the teachers later~ :D

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