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Latest News: [Event 2018] Mid-Pacific Ho'olaule'a




2 Ish Good!

We have finally hit our 500th strip! (And on Veteran's Day, nonetheless~ spooky!)

I should note that this also includes our East Oahu Sun exclusives, although it doesn't include the Hawaiian Ai storyline. I'm just strange like that, I guess? Regardless, I think the numbers should be about the same.

I had just downloaded TinyGrab from the free MacHeist nanoBundle earlier this week and thought to take screenshots of part of my process on this particular one. (I think the bundle is for one more day, according to the MacHeist site, so if you're a mac-user and interested in some free apps, grab it!)

Anyhoo~ here are some shots from the process! Enjoy!


And as you can tell, I made some last minute adjustments to the final panel before it head over to Scott for the lettering~ ^^ Such is the prerogative of an artist~ ^^

Thank you so much for sticking with us for these first 500 strips! I'm already looking forward to 500 more!

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