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Favorites from the First 500~

2 Ish Good!


Wow~ this is an old picture! XD This was right before our Kawaii Kon debut in 2007 - you can tell by the original pups (25 handmade sets!) and the original cover of Volume 1. I should also note my hair is a mess because I just had taken a bunch of photos in costume. XD;

But I guess you can say we've come a long way since our origins. Our cast has grown, character designs have evolved -- and even the strips are oriented differently! I'm sure things will change again by the time I hit my 1000 strip milestone. XD

Jason Yadao, our very own local anime/manga/sometime games columnist with the Honolulu Star Bulletin, wrote a blog post the other day counting down his favorite 10 strips (or so) from our early nemu*nemu origins!

So, I'm curious~ What are your top 3 nemu*nemu strips to date? (or 10 if you reaaaaally feel like it~!)

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