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Henshin Sweat => Pocari Sweat!

3 Ish Good!

Henshin Sweat is, thankfully, not made of sweat. It's based on an actual Japanese health drink called "Pocari Sweat".

The actual Pocari Sweat product

It's not made of sweat, although I've come across a number of people who claim it looks like it. (Probably due to the cloudy whiteness of the liquid. XD;) It's actually a mild, slightly citrusy sports drink and I find it quite refreshing. Think... "grapefruit" without the crazy sour.

You'll likely be able to find it at most Japanese grocers~ It's right up there with my other favorite - C.C. Lemon.

And hey! You'll also be able to find our latest wallpapers up for the month of November!

Ani & Anpan!

Click on the image grab more sizes for your desktop or iphone!

It's Ani & Anpan this time around~ perhaps Kana & Nemu are next?


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3 Replies

  • Kk

    Interesting drink...
    Awesome wallpaper!!! Ani in chibi form? lolz, very cute! :3

  • reynard61

    When I first heard of it my first thought was that "Pocari" was a local or regional Japanese nickname for some animal and it was actually their milk. (My thinking does not always follow a logical progression pathway...)

  • Janie

    This was really cool what happened today. There's this japanese store down the road from where I live. I was browsing around, doing a little christmas shopping when I found a display of Pocari Sweat. The first thing that came to mind was Ani.

    It's not bad. My boyfriend thinks it tastes like sweat though. lol