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Happy Black Friday!

2 Ish Good!

anpanicon2.jpgI hope everyone had some NYAMA PIZZA for their T'anksgiving dinners!

Speaking of Anpan and his "rage against da turkey machine" rant, you might want to listen in on this particular Art & Story Extreme!! podcast -- I think Anpan & Nemu called in... more than once... to get the word out....

Link straight to A&S Extreme!!
or download directly from iTunes~ :D

Also, our 24-hour Black Friday Sale is in effect! Check out the shop for some exceptionally discounted stuff and a few things that will only be available online for the duration of this event!

Oh~ and we finally have our 5 new pins added to our shop~ :D

New Pins - Winter '09

Lazy Sundae seems to be an early favorite~ ^^

Photo of the Day - 2009.11.26
Photo of the Day - Nemu goes on a Joyride!

Also, a reminder for all the local peeps~ We will be at the Hawaii United Okinawa Association Winter Craft Fair on Saturday and Sunday! We will have our full haul of stuff, so come by and see us~ :D Scroll down this previous blog post to find out more info about the location and where you can find us!

Have a great Friday everyone!

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