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Winding down 2009

0 Ish Good!

Holy Space Cow. It has been one busy year and 2010 looks to be even more busy. o_o!


I'm currently busy with finishing up strips for both the year and Volume 4~ For those inquiring, V4 will probably debut in April at Kawaii Kon. It will be printed in black and white as our previous volumes with a color cover. I'm hoping by Volume 5 we will be able to find a publisher to do a color run. We've had so many ask us about a color volume and I'd *love* to see it happen.

Meanwhile, thanks to everyone who participated in our online sales and in-person local events! We've cleared out a number of shirts and down to less than a handful in many sizes. Although we will likely run BFF Parade for the spring-summer events in limited quantities, all other designs will no longer be reprinted -- including Toasty. Once they're sold out, they're completely gone.

Our newest line of pins~

We will also be phasing out a number of pin designs once they sell out (like Rock Band Geek, Surf's Up, nemu*nemu Cast, the Henshin Rider pins, and a few others) and replacing them with brand new designs. Any characters you'd like to see more of? Let me know~ :D

Anyhoo~ good news for me: Commissions are completely done and shipped out as of today. Sketch cards are still available -- think of them as quick mini commissions~ ^^

What would you like drawn today?

Last reminder, online holiday sale ends on the 20th -- but if you're on the mainland and would like your order shipped in time for X-mas, be sure to get your order in by Friday! Hawaii orders can come in until the end of the sale for shipping on the 21st!

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