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Christmas Week 2009!

3 Ish Good!

First off, thank you everyone for participating in our online sale and local events! It was a wonderful success and I sincerely thank you for helping keep nemu*nemu alive with your support!

Our next local event will be on January 10th at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii. I don't have confirmation yet -- and still awaiting placement, but once I get that info, I'll be sure to post it here for those interested in attending the New Years Ohana Festival~ :D

I also wanted to share something particularly special~ Today, I had my first nemu*nemu t-shirt sighting "in the wild"! Indeed, we have a number of fans who show up in nemu*gear at events we participate in (which is totally awesome and mind-blowing on its own) and.. us (meaning Scott and me and our immediate family members) donning our shirts to promote them. But today was the first time I'd seen one of our shirts walking around... just for the sake of walking around~ :D

That was truly an awesome feeling. I squee'd for the rest of the afternoon. :D

Lastly, to thank all of you, our readers, I'm adding an extra 2 strips to this week so we will have a full run of strips from Monday thru Friday, all leading up to Christmas.


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