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[Event Report] JCCH New Year's Ohana Festival 2010

2 Ish Good!

Thanks to everyone who came out on Sunday~ It was a muggy/rainy day -- not exactly the best conditions for an outdoor event. TwT;

Tent Set-up~!
Our set up, for most of the day~

Aside from t-shirt blowout sale on most of our older stock, we also had the mini pup pairs out for sale as well at original artwork and prints.

The nemu*shop has been *mostly* updated with all the inventory changes.

JCCHNY-artworksale.jpgAs a note, I'll be putting up the original New Year's drawings I did earlier this week for sale online in our shop. Prints will be available at a slightly later date -- since they're sort of labor- intensive.

NOTE: The 4 latest original pieces have been added to the nemu*shop! Some older original art will be added later this week~

I also hope to have more originals available in time for the spring and summer events. Any character you'd like to see featured? Let me know~ XD

Anyhoo~ Despite the hazy morning weather, which turned into thick fog over the entire area, rain started pouring down around lunch time. o_o; Thankfully, we didn't have too much stuff with us -- most of our soft goods were packed into huge ziplock bags for easy storage instead of our usual plastic boxes.

The JCCH provided a lot of great entertainment throughout the day from a Generations Kikaida stage show, professional singers, Okinawan dancers, and even Irish dancing? The food was even better -- tons of bentos available to choose from, fresh corn, okonomiyaki, andagi, and more. I think there was more going on across the street at the JCCH building, but we didn't have a chance to check it out.

KikaidaMania Pankaida Brothers~ Kikaida Brothers & Pups~! Hakaida Meets the Pups

Thanks to Ben for sending the Kikaida Bros over to our booth for those great shots!

Also, a big thank you to Daniel and Dawn for much needed bentos~ :D

Next scheduled event is Kawaii Kon in April! Hope to see you there!

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8 Replies

  • Skt_Thomas

    It saddens me that there are no cons of that kind in Denmark because it looks fun:(

  • Sophie

    Was great seeing you guys! My nemu shirt aaaalmost fits -- it'll be a good incentive to get exercising and lose some weight!

  • MissCarrion

    this is a silly question, but on your AWESOME looking stand there is a sign that says stickers!! I am a collector, and was wondering where I would find these in the shop. As they would be super cool!! Also, just checking, shipping to New Zealand is fine, isn't it? I have had problems in the past with online shops that ship internationally, but not to NZ! So thought it would be better to check :)

    • Audra Furuichi

      The stickers aren't available in our shop -- we usually tote them to events though~

      If you're interested in any in particular, e-mail us or use the contact form. I'm not sure off-hand what shipping to NZ is like, but I can check, depending on how many you're interested in. They're $3 each~ ^^

  • Anise

    Well... I gotta say did you see a girl with a stripted tank of dark and lite pink with long brownish black hair who bought the nemunemu voulume 3 and anpan doll? That was me...I look young that time.AND I'm smart.

  • Anise

    Also, there is 3 original arts!