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I ♥ Anpan Week!

7 Ish Good!

It's I ♥ Anpan Week!

I ♥ Anpan Week!

This poor pup has pretty consistently gotten a bad rep ever since we started nemu*nemu in 2005.

(Let's not mention the fact that his name was left out of the title... ^^;;;)

Be it his frowny face or mischievous tendencies, the words we often hear to describe him are:

the "mean, bad, angry, grouchy, sneaky, grumpy" one

We think he's just misunderstood.

We'd like to rectify this and host (for the first time ever) a character sale - more specifically, select Anpan items will be on sale for this week! T-shirts, hats... and even pups!

Just in time for Valentine's day~ *hint hint!*

Actually, this event coincides with Scott's birthday, so it's a doubly special week for us. :D Anpan's his favorite~

Head into the nemu*shop and find all the shuper deals on Anpan goods from Monday thru Saturday!

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