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V-day Boomerang!

1 Ish Good!

Welps! It's that time of month!

The latest East Oahu Sun exclusive strip is up in the gallery, this time featuring Ani in a relatively familiar role~ :D

I'm still working on the monthly wallpaper, but been busy with the epicness of the current chapter~ XD; Just a couple reminders below!

The I <3 Anpan sale ends on Saturday! We have a good number of items heavily discounted in honor of the pup~! Get them while you can!

In other news, I have another giveaway below on my personal blog~ (I'm trying to keep my personal bleets and baaahs out of this news blog which is more nemu*event-centric~ So you can find reviews, personal comics, and other thoughts and ponderings there.

Enjoy the upcoming weekend! :D

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