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V-day Weekend! (+ Anpan spotting)

1 Ish Good!

So sorry, I've been so busy trying to finish up this chapter and finish up the content for Volume 4, I haven't had much time to work on other things -- namely the wallpaper. I plan to have something done and up by Sunday. *determined*

In the meanwhile, I have a couple things to share~!

First off - if you have any questions you'd like to ask me, I created a account. I've had a couple "Friday Free For Alls" here, but they tend to get lost in the shuffle of the numerous blog entries.


BTW - the "Destroyer of Worlds (TM)" is something that Scott recently dubbed me. XD It has a greater meaning, but that ... will be revealed in time. :D

Also! We took a little time off over the weekend to hit the Punahou Carnival. It's the largest school event in the state -- with carnival rides, food booths, games, etc. We hadn't gone in years (although we live in the general vicinity) and thought we should pop by Saturday morning for some nyama foods and catch some of the sights.

It was also the first time I've ever gone and *not* ride a midway ride. T_T! (I get motion-sick... and food was calling to me~~ XD;)

But here are a few photos we'd like to share~

Punahou Carnival 2010!

Punahou Carnival 2010! Punahou Carnival 2010! Punahou Carnival 2010! Punahou Carnival 2010!

We also saw some familiar faces~ :D Thanks for stopping us to say hello, BTW~ ^^

And a little omake - or special extra:

Anpan spies a Pizza Party

Pizza Party? Ish Anpan invited?!

jefbotcameo.jpg Update!: There has been an Anpan spotting in yet another comic!

Anpan makes his very first solo cameo in the latest edition of Jeff Schuetze's JEFBOT! :D

Some of you might recognize Jeff from his previous guest comics here and here!

Send him some nemu*nemu love and check out the full comic!

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