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March Events (and an update from the studio front~)

1 Ish Good!

So it's MARCH.

Good grief. Where did the past few months go?!

Our next event will be the Mid-Pac Institute Ho'olaule'a. (Check the events side-bar for more info.) This takes place on the MPI campus from 12 noon to 7pm. If you're a student there, don't be shy~~ Come by and say hello~ :D

I'm not sure if we'll have anything new at this event... but we will have our shirts discounted and our usual haul of merchandise. :D

Overhead view of my desk - 2010

In other news, Scott and I are SUPER busy finishing up the content for Volume 4. Our expected release date will be the first day of Kawaii Kon - April 16th. The pre-sale will start on April 1st (our 4th anniversary!) and all orders will be shipped out on April 15th... barring any unforeseen problems. *knocks on wood*

What I'm Working On

And lastly, I just booked a flight to Canada to hit the Toronto Comic Arts Festival in May. I can't quite call this a nemu*nemu event, as I don't have a table yet (as I am on the wait list and crossing my fingers and toes for a space) and I will be going solo... but I do look forward to meeting some of you readers up north and from the East Coast who might be heading there! :D

So if you have any tips - be it food, weather prep, shops, good souvenirs, whatever- ? Let me know! :D

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12 Replies

  • crimsonjade

    Aaaaww..I'm all the way over on the West Coast T___T When will we ever get a con that has you guys in it?! T______T

  • Carrie

    I'm excited that you're coming to my area for an event, even if I don't know yet if I'll be able to make it. But you asked for tips, so here goes: the weather in Toronto is fairly unpredictable in May. I recommend light layers and probably a jacket, preferrably a water resistant one since it tends to rain. Since the library is close to the University of Toronto, you'll probably have tons of food and souvenir options. But if you get the chance, there's a really neat vegetarian place called Fresh on Bloor that I recommend. I'm not vegetarian, but I really enjoyed it. It's pretty inexpensive, which is great for traveling.

    • Audra Furuichi

      Thanks for the tips! I think I might need to invest in some water-resistant footwear too.. Most of my shoes aren't quite suited for wet weather. XD;; (Mostly because I can walk around in slip-on sandals here. XD;;;) .. and I might be doing some decent amount of walking.

      Thanks for the tip on Fresh~! I'm always up for new and different stuff! :D

  • meragold

    OMG OMG OMG... I LIVE IN TORONTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG MY MOAT FAVOURITE COMIC STRIP IS COMING TO MY CITY~!!!! *dies* i'm so excited! I hope you get space and i hope i can make it!

  • meragold

    sorry for commenting twice, but its gonna get pretty hot... it is already a tad warm now... so it will be even warmer then.. i'd still bring maybe a light jacket ^_^

    lolz i don't live in a an igloo xD

  • tunelessmelody

    aww. i wish i could, but i'm on the east coast. My mom went to Mid-Pac! Yay!!