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[Events 2010] Ho'olaule'a Report & Kitsy's heading to Canada

3 Ish Good!

Thanks to all who stopped by our table at the MPI Ho'olaule'a!

MPI Ho'olaul'ea 2010
I don't know what's up with my funny face here.. but click on the photo to see more from our flickr collection~ :D

Our new charms got a lot of great responses from the kids - especially the Tea Cup Nemu one~! :D Since we only pieced together enough for the event, we won't have them up in the nemu*shop immediately.

Also, as I mentioned before, I'm heading to Canada for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. I still don't have a table confirmed, so I may just be wandering the halls with some friends from the area. However! Some of you have expressed strong interest in a TCAF nemu*nemu gathering. Possibly a dinner or meet up during that weekend?

Let's see if we can generate some sort of head count of those who definitely can make it and get an estimate of maybes~? Leave a message here or send us an e-mail if interested! Once we get an idea of the overall number, we can then figure out a date/time/location.

There's also been some rumblings of interest for a Honolulu nemu*nemu gathering as well~ This one will probably have to hold until after our summer events as we're super crazy busy right now prepping for Kawaii Kon. T_T! We want to really make it a fun event for all our local fans who've been super supportive of us~!

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