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Celebrating our 4th Year online... and another "4?"

3 Ish Good!

Yes, I know it's April 1st and all... but it's our 4th anniversary! :D Yay!

Thanks for 4 years!

... and speaking of "4"...

Volume 4 is now available for pre-order!

Find them at the nemu*shop!

All orders will be shipped out on April 15th. For local peeps, we will have them readily available at Kawaii Kon! Yay! (Find us in the dealer's room at Booth F8!)

Included is a "Nemu's Night" - a short comic detailing Nemu and Ani's adventures while Anpan takes his place at Kana's house, and the full story of "Who is the Crimson Scarab?" with some extras at the end. :D

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14 Replies

  • meragold

    Yay!! Congratulations!! I'm very happy for you! (4 is my favourite number too~!!) x3

  • Thavia

    CONGRATS! *streamers shoot out from every corner* Thanks for making these comics and brightening up peoples days! Best of luck to you all

  • Konachan918

    happy 4th birthday V^_^V

  • Makubeku

    Yay! :D 4th anniv! Congratulations!!!

  • Durel

    I love your work..

    I hope you keep it all coming.

  • nohynobi

    Happy Birthday!!! :D

  • Andrea

    Congrats on making 4 years!! XD I'll be sure to stop by and pick up volume 4 for my friend's birthday gift at Kawaii-Kon! She'll be very happy! We were oddly talking about whether the 4th volume would be available at Kawaii-Kon or not, hehe. =)

  • Kk

    AWESOME! HAPPY 4TH! If you bring the 4th volume to Comic Con I'l be sure to pick one up- if you're going or not...

  • AniMatsuri

    4 i think is an unlucky number for the Japanese but for Nemu-Nemu its been nothing but good as Nemu-Nemu marks 4 years of comic that is really hitting its stride!

  • reynard61

    Happy 4th, guys! Commence year 5!

  • enibly

    Congratulations!!! Thanks for always making my day :D I can't wait to get Vol. 4~

  • Geri-chan

    Happy anniversary! I'm looking forward to reading Vol. 4 soon! ^_^

  • fillyjonk

    YAYS! Congratulations, and may you have many more happy years!

  • Enchilada

    Thank you, Ms. Furuichi and Mr. Yoshinaga--you guys have impacted my life since you visited my local library. Thank you for creating such a wonderful comic strip that is not only kid-friendly, but gives the world a whole new look!!

    To the fifth anniversary…and beyond!!

    <3 from Enchilada
    Fan since 2007