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[Con Countdown - 2010] How Charming!

5 Ish Good!

Most of you have already seen our metal charms:

But how about our acrylic charms?

Acrylic Charms

(Note: They're all about the same size ~ 1"x1")

Stay tuned! More stuff on the way!

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10 Replies

  • jmt

    No Henshin Rider? Or is he not popular enough for that kind of charm?

    • Audra Furuichi

      Not in this run -- since this is our first run of jewelry/charms, we'd like to see how these designs sell first before we venture into the rest of our cast. :D

      I know we have a good number of Henshin Rider fans out there~! We're trying to think of good merchandise for you guys! :D

  • Linz

    !!! If these were pins, I'd be all over them. Well, more like they'd be all over my tote bag.

  • Kk

    WANT! Will these only be for sale during in-person events or can they be bought online? I'd love to buy some but you're usually only in CA about once or twice a year.

  • Ranko

    Omigosh! So sweet! I want 'em all! =^o^=

  • Wolfus

    Aaaw! SO cute! I want to put them all on a chain and have them jingle together.
    Can I be rude and ask: how did you get the metal ones made? I saw Johnny Wander had done something similar with their Maw character. Is it the webcomic vogue now? :D

  • Enchilada

    Ahh!! So appropriate--ish for Kawaii kon, and SO KAWAII!!! I wish I could buy some!!

  • Andrea

    Cute! I'll have to get some for my friend at Kawaii-Kon! XD

  • Thavia

    Im in love! I hope they aren't a limited edition type item