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[Con Countdown - 2010] The Spring Line

1 Ish Good!

So we finally got these from the printers today~ :D

Introducing the nemu*nemu Spring Line - 2010!

Spring Line 2010
Update: Better photos of the shirts taken this morning since the colors were kinda greenish last night. T_T; (couple more @ our flickr collection~!)

Spring Line 2010

And yes, for those of you who missed out on the BFF Parade, we have reprinted it and it will be available in unisex and ladies sizes.

Pollo Showers

Magic Lamp

Hope you like these new designs as much as I do! They'll be available for sale at Kawaii Kon and will be added to our shop post-event.

... and more is on the way -- so stay tuned~! :D

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