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[Con Countdown - 2010] The Mystery Plush REVEALED!

1 Ish Good!

So, we have a special plush that we're debuting at Kawaii Kon~!

He'll probably look... familiar?

Mister Buns!

Indeed~! Buns makes a comeback! Longtime readers may remember him when he was first offered as part of our promotion challenge prize package. He has since been updated with a few modifications (different materials, procured from Las Vegas, California, AND Hawaii... and lighter!)

Like our first edition pups from 2007, these guys are handmade by my mom from scratch.

Including the pattern~! (He's based on Scott's original Buns.)

We will have a grand total of 25 for sale at Kawaii Kon~! They will be $50 each.

Won't you take one home? :D

As a personal note, Mister Buns may be pricy, but with each purchase please think of him as our sincere thank you for your generous support. Like the pups, we hope that with the sales of Mister Buns, we can work on bigger and better projects - be it new plushes, attending more events, or something even more spectacular.

See you at Kawaii Kon!

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