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[Con Countdown - 2010] Did I say I was done yet?

1 Ish Good!

Alright~ aside from the new pins.. that are supposedly arriving soon...

I have one more new thing to add to our huge list of new stuffs~

nemu*nemu Field Notes!

We just completed these ... tonight.

nemu*nemu Field Notes!

Yes, I am burning the midnight oil to get some last minute stuff done... and I'm not even close to finishing... (but I'm close to calling it a night. I have a long Thursday ahead of me. T__T;!)

The pups get their dance on~! :D *shakey shakey bon bon*!

This is a limited run of 15 books. Hand-printed with the Print Gocco machine that's been sitting on my shelf for the past year or so.

First dibs at Kawaii Kon!

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