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[Event Report] Kawaii Kon 2010 - COMPLETED!

0 Ish Good!

nemu*nemu fanart!
A very cute fanart from Charli I.~! Sankies!

OMP! We survived the first big event of our convention "season!"

(Will share some photos later~ Scott took the camera with him to work. T_T;)

A *huge* thanks to everyone who came out to visit our little booth in the back corner~! We had a great time as usual and are already looking forward to 2011! (Barring any changes, we will be back in the very same spot! F8!)

We sold out of a number of pin designs, a few older shirt designs, and all of our custom hand-printed books!

All 15~!

I know there are some people hoping for a few -- I may do a second printing of the bon dance set for the upcoming months/events, but in a different color, same count of 15. Printing the field notes is a rather large undertaking as we have to conserve our supplies as Gocco goods are hard to find. :\

In the meanwhile, Mister Buns is now available in the nemu*shop! A few more changes will be made to the shop this week, so hang tight while we get ourselves back in order~!

Thanks again to all who came out to Kawaii Kon! :D

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2 Replies

  • DaughterJudy

    I would totally buy one of those field note booklets if I were anywhere near Hawaii. :(

  • Andrea

    I got one of those for a friend! Thanks for all the great stuff and signing all those books my husband got. ^^; Btw Kai misses his buddy to make faces at! lol Can't wait to see the pictures!