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[Guest Comic 2010!] Miss Rachel Y.~ :D

1 Ish Good!

After a busy weekend at Kawaii Kon, it seems I have come down with a cold. I've been quite medicated on cough syrup, advil, decongestants, and nasal rinses since Sunday... so needless to say, it's been rather difficult to keep up with everything here at the studio.

Thankfully, Miss Rachel Y. stopped by on Day 3 of Kawaii Kon with an uber special giftage of a guest strip that came just in the nick of time!

Rachel & me~~
Rachel cosplaying as Amu-chan from Shugo Chara~

Can I say the best surprises seem to come in the smallest of packages?

She's been a long-time reader of nemu*nemu and since I first met her in person at a library talk a couple years back, she's stopped by most of our local events to say hello~ She has also been kind enough to send me cards in the mail for my birthday~!

Birthday Card - Front Birthday Card 2008 - Interiors Birthday Card 2008 - Back

So let's give much props to this budding local artist~! :D Thanks so much, Rachel!

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