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TCAF 2010 Round Up!

2 Ish Good!

Alright folks!

My books have been shipped out to Canada as of last week Friday and I'm in the process of setting aside what I will be hauling in my luggage to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. (I hope they all arrive safely for the event! T_T!)

So important issue #1:

If there are any of you planning to stop by the event and would like to purchase any of the t-shirts, fleece hats, or plush toys, please get in touch with me BEFORE Monday, May 3rd, with your order.

I will only have a 3 foot space to sell stuff and my books and pins will inevitably take up most of my table.

Issue #2:

As I will be leaving Hawaii on Thursday and arriving on Friday evening, I'm guessing I may be pretty wiped on the 1st day of the event (as I haven't travelled over that long a distance since Japan in 2003... ^^;)

There has been interest in a cozy gathering amongst nemu*nemu fans in the area -- so, how does Sunday post-TCAF meet-up sound? Nothing big~ just a nice opportunity to meet and say hi in a less stressful setting? :D

Suggestions for where to meet? Time? I believe the doors close around 5pm -- packing up takes me about an hour.

Once I have a better idea of the logistics, I'll create a facebook event page for it for further feedback~!


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  • erikochan

    Well, Kitsy has already heard this but my suggestion is for the meet-up is the second floor rooms at The Central, which is an inexpensive and really casual restaurant at Bathurst Station (a quick 5 minute subway ride from TCAF). You can get a nice dinner there for $7-15, or just order a soft drink/coffee (or alcohol if you're old enough) and hang out on their comfy couches sofas. There are also tasty vegetarian options (I'm not a vegetarian, but I love their veggie burgers... with sweet potato fries, of course! Mmmm... :D)

    Check it out at
    Picture of some friends at The Central for one of our "DS Nites." (Sorry for the grainy quality, DSi camera does not work well under low-light conditions. ^^;)

  • Shane

    My problem with The Central is that it's RIGHT next to The Beguiling, and beign right after TCAF, it's going to be packed. Honestly, the chances of us scoring seats up there is going to be slim.

    My suggestion is Future's, because it's a larger spot with a larger patio, the menu is more varried, and there are tones of cakes (25 cakes). Some of the food there is kinda a rip off, but for the majority, you get what you pay for (apple pancakes are to die for). They also have HUGE portions of poutine if you order it. Menu is a little cheaper, but not by much. There's also beer on tap and vegen and veggie options.

    However, I don't have a problem with either places because most everything in the Annex is good eats. Both restraunts are within a 10-15 min walk of each other. Could we maybe say Central if the weather is bad, and Future's if the weather is good?

  • Kamuro

    Good luck at the convention!

  • Mel Drake

    I gotta agree that the Central is gonna be packed. Do we want to find somewhere we can place a reservation?

    And the meet sounds super good :) I'll be forwardin' my Nemu-stuffs order to you :)

  • erikochan

    Hmm.. You guys are probably right about the Central being busy... I was mostly trying to think of places with decent food meals (i.e. not cafes) that weren't strict "sit-down" places in case not everyone wanted to eat. (Also, not pubs since there might be some younger fans.)

    Futures sounds good (can we reserve tables there?), otherwise there's also Mel's Diner a few steps away. And if we really can't find anything we could all have some pizza in honour of da pups! :D

  • Shane

    Mel's is closed erikochan! T___T Like...forever! There's a new bar in its place. Totally sucks ._. Again, it's the Annex, so there will most certainly be places with food...and like...15 sushi places (but avoiding sit-down is a good idea too). Green Room is also nice, esp if we can get the elevated section with the couches ^_^ and they don't monitor eating vs. not that closely. It's pretty laid back if we can't get Future's. Green room is kinda hidden and looks sketch if you've never been there before (inside is really pretty though).

    Agreed with the no-pub thingy of course. And I'm down for a slice in honour of Anpan regardless (or grilled Cheese for Nemu).

  • Mel Drake

    NOT the Green Room, PLEASE.. The place has been red-carded for serious health violations more than once.. it doesn't just LOOK sketchy, it IS sketchy!

  • Shane

    I only saw it carded once for a day, but I'll take your word for it Mel.

  • erikochan

    Ack! Too bad about Mel's. I walked past there for the first time in ages other day, but I didn't actually look over there...