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[Event 2010] Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2010

2 Ish Good!

Alright -- this is the full info page for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2010!


Please refer back to this post for any information regarding location of both the event and gatherings. I will update with table location and more when I receive that info from the organizers~!

Here's the basic information for TCAF!

Date: May 8-9, 2010
Location: Toronto Reference Library
789 Yonge St., Toronto, Canada
Admission to TCAF is Free.
Time: Saturday, 9-5pm; Sunday 11-5pm

nemu*nemu will be placed in the new "Webcomics Pavillion" on the second floor!


Important note for attendees: If you are planning to stop by my table and are looking for buy t-shirts, hats, or plush - PLEASE contact me no later than Tuesday, May 4th with your order. I will -not- be bringing any shirts, hats, or larger plush to this event as I have a space of 3ft and limited luggage and carrying capacity.

Update: 2010.05.02: TCAF has just posted the programming schedule! There's a panel I'd like to hit at 3pm, so we may need to move the gathering below to a later time?

* * * * *

TCAF nemu*nemu Gathering
Since this is my first time traveling to Canada and first time exhibiting out of the US - not to mention exhibiting solo (No, Scott will not be attending. He still doesn't have his passport.), I'd really like to meet you far-away-Canadian readers~!

If you're planning to stop by on Saturday, May 8th, let's do a gathering at the Webcomics Pavillion. I'd love to meet up, properly say hello, and hopefully take a group photo.

Is 3pm a good time for everyone? A little after lunch and hopefully things will be winding down for the evening! (Edit: There's a panel I'd really like to attend at this time on Saturday. Gah! How about 4pm?)

Date: Saturday, May 8th
Location: Toronto Reference Library - Webcomics Pavillion
Time: 3pm 4pm!

* * * * *

TCAF Post-Event Mixer/Meet-Up
Since there have been requests for a little bit more substantial of a gathering, I'm proposing a gathering post-event for some food, drink, and merriment.

Here's our facebook event page for a rough head-count and further discussion.

Location hasn't been solidified -- we've have some suggestions for the Central (which may be busy, due to the location), Future's, Mel's Diner, pizza??

We're looking at meeting on Sunday, May 9th at 6pm~ all are welcome, but if we can get a general headcount, that would make organizing things a little easier! Either comment here or join the conversation at the facebook event page!

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3 Replies

  • Shane

    :O Mel's Diner closed down T__T I blame the fact that it smelled like soap. Sucks because random breakfast at 4:30am is awesome.

  • erikochan

    Apparently the TCAF after-party is at Clinton's on Queen St. W., so The Central might be do-able after all. I guess we'll play it by ear.

  • meragold

    Well, I will probably be coming tomorrow at your booth, but I'm not sure I will be coming to the gathering...

    By the way, when I come, just to let you know, my name is Michelle ^_^ I'm so excited to see your booth~!! ^_^

    (btw.. I'm twelve.. so don't expect so see an adult xD)