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Last Call for TCAF Orders!

0 Ish Good!

Today is the last day to get back to me with your orders for bulky items such as t-shirts, plush pups, Mister Buns, and hats.

I will be bringing a few sets of the mini pups and some original and Zen Pollos, but not much!

Also, news flash! If you haven't been watching either our twitter feed or facebook fan page, you might have missed the early reveal!

I will have these on hand:

Great White North Notes

Limited to a run of 15! Made specially for my debut at TCAF!

So find me in the Webcomics Pavilion (I think this will be on the 2nd floor?) and get yours early! No holds!

If I have any left over, they'll be put up on the site~

Get your orders in via e-mail soon! I'll be packing up my bags and taking inventory tonight!

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8 Replies

  • Shane

    I'm totally stoked for this book. The cover makes me smile every time I see it. What's the aprox price tag though?

  • Dee

    Good luck on TCAF! :D

  • Keith

    Aw, man! (v_v;; My wife would absolutely want one of these! She bought your Kawaii Kon one and this would make a set! ...of sorts. Best of luck and have fun at your first TCAF!

  • Mel Drake

    I wasn't planning on getting up early to go but I totally am now!

  • Chandelle


  • Marleen

    Cute books! :) I'll see if maybe I can swing by and grab one.

  • Lien

    Why don't I life closer... there is no way I can ever obtain things like this 'cause I life in Europe *iz sad*
    Wish they were offered on the site...
    Btw, did you guys got my mail? ^^

    love your work you guys!

    - Girl with the last girly, pink on black, tank-top 'Peanut Butter Pirates'