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[Event Report] Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2010

1 Ish Good!

Some wondered if it could be done... but I made it to Canada and back in one piece! Yay!

Out of all the events I've ever had the opportunity to exhibit at, TCAF was by far one of the best. It was totally worth the 12+ hours of travel, jet lag, SNOW, and even my books getting stuck in customs and completely missing the show. >_>;

TCAF 2010

Thankfully, I had tons of other stuff to fill my table space.

So, for those interested in picking up my books, all 4 volumes are now available at the Beguiling in Toronto!


For everyone else who purchased books and other shop goods that weren't on hand from me at TCAF, your orders all went out in the mail yesterday. :D

I had a wonderful time - briefly meeting with fellow exhibiting webcomickers and published comic folk I had only chatted with online previously. I didn't have a lot of time to make the rounds as I was exhibiting solo, but everyone profusely apologized for the unusually cold weather and was extraordinarily nice. ^_^

The pups and Pollo were super well-received and the Great White North Field Notes were gone by the last hour of the event on Sunday. :D

TCAF 2010

Just a few of the faces who showed up for the photo-op on Saturday~ :D

TCAF 2010

And those who showed up to the post-TCAF dinner. We had Korean BBQ~ :D

I had a little time to sight-see with friends on Monday (and pick up my books. >_>;;) and thankfully the weather was gorgeous.

For more photos of the event (and some of the folks I visited) check out my flickr collection of the event! :D

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3 Replies

  • meragold

    It is great that you came to Toronto, and got to meet everyone there!! Thanks so much~ <3

  • meragold

    It is great that you came to Toronto, and got to meet everyone there!! Thanks so much~ <3

  • TempleDog

    Gonna bop on down to the Beguiling and get ish's 1-3 from Chris tomorrow. Sorry the weather was the pitsh...hopefully next year it'll be the clear sunny skies treatment. Later!