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Canadian Fan Art & Pizza All The Time!

1 Ish Good!

I just wanted to share a few extra gems from TCAF~ :D

Yellow Jacket fan art by Peter N. Trinh. FA-PeterNTrinh2010.jpg

Peter came up early to my table to hand me a small card with this image printed on it~ :D [Photographic proof!]

Miss Roma M.'s fan art of Nemu!
Miss Roma and her friend stopped by my table a number of times on Sunday, picking up various trinkets~ Her dad surprised me on twitter with all her drawings! Check them out at her own drawing blog!

The ensemble cast by xwolf_okami and zerofox_kitsune~! (Perhaps you see them commenting on some of our strips? :D)
They handed me this print on the second day of TCAF~! [Photographic proof!] They're big fans of the Yellow Jacket as well~ :D

Folks - you draw my cast better than I do! XD Thanks so much~!

And last but not least, the May '10 East Oahu Sun exclusive strip is up in the gallery!

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