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Quicky Fanime Report & the Henshin Pups Field Notes!

0 Ish Good!

Hey folks! We are finally back from San Jose and busily spent the last day and a half re-organizing the studio so I can get back to work. We will be running a guest strip this Friday so I have more time to get the next chapter solidified!

We had a -great- time at Fanime and will certainly be back next year! (Same general space, but further down the row in the dealer's room.) I'll be posting some photos from the event in our flickr collection a little later this evening.

In the meanwhile, for those who have been pining for our special limited run, hand-printed field notes -- you are in luck.

We have a good 10 or so left from the event (in grid and blank styles), so grab them while you can!

SOLD OUT! Much Sankies!

We're totally thrilled with the response to the Pizza Doodle Doo how-to ~~ in fact, Kk has already made one! (and it's super deluxe!)

Kk's Pizza Doodle Doo Kk's Pizza Doodle Doo 3

Catch more at the nemu*nemu Around the World flickr group! :D

(And if you have some photos of your own to share, add them to the group too! :D)

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