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Help Me Get to NEWW2 This Year!

1 Ish Good!

Hey all!

We have been invited to this year's New England Webcomics Weekend taking place in Easthampton, Massachusetts this November!


The growing guest list is quite impressive and I would really love to attend this year -- but I'm going to need some help.

The flights from Hawaii are pretty steep and I'm also looking around for reasonable hotels to stay at in the neighborhood. Scott will likely be coming along as well, but will probably have to pay his own way at this point in time.

So, over the next few months, I will be selling some original artwork and possibly hosting a donation drive.

To start things off:

The Sisters Trinity

This was something I did for a charity auction @ Kawaii Kon 2010, but I missed the deadline by an hour or so. T___T;;; So I've been holding on to it until Chapter 40 completed since I didn't want to spoil the ending. :3

This piece is going for $100 in our nemu*shop~ :D

SOLD! OMP! Thank you!

As for our donation drive, I'd love if you'd send me some feedback as to what you would like in return? A personalized postcard from sunny Hawaii? An exclusive wallpaper? Additional comics if we hit our goals? E-mail us or message us here with your thoughts!

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7 Replies

  • jmt

    a sliding scale seems good, like 'donate $5 - $20 and get a generic postcard from the pups', 'donate $21 - $100 and get personalized postcard', 'donate $101 - $200 and get a personal cameo appearance in nemu*nemu', 'donate $201 - $500 and get bigger appearance in storyline' -- sort of thing. probably with the actual amounts and rewards tinkered a bit, since I have no idea how much money you're looking at.

  • Katsuboy

    Sold already??? Shucks!!!!! If that piece were up for auction...I'm afraid to think of how high I would have bid :P

    I like the idea of the first poster...maybe, give away limited edition donation-themed shirts?

    • Audra Furuichi

      :3 I was curious about the sale @ Kawaii Kon as well -- but I'll have to try again next year. Hopefully, I'll have my act together to get something up -before- the show starts. o_o;

      Shirts are a nifty idea, but rather expensive to make -- especially in smaller runs. Unless I screen them myself, which may look rather "DIY". XD; I'll have to think this one thru~

      • jmt

        If I got a personally hand-screened shirt, I would be so wearing that to work just to show off. "You guys have only got generic nemu*nemu shirts. I have a personally screened (and signed?) shirt. Ha." How much of a donation would that take, though, $500?

  • animatsuri

    Putting stuff up for auction sounds like a great idea!

  • Celes

    Ohhh man, I'd be so happy if you guys came up here! 'cause I've otherwise got no way of looting your merch. XD