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Got Summer Time Blues?

2 Ish Good!

It's that time again for the East Oahu Sun exclusive strip~! :D (I know, I'm still behind schedule here~)

I used to have mixed feelings when school ended for the summer. I felt quite sad for the classmates I wouldn't see anymore (as they were transferring schools) or teachers who wouldn't by -my- teacher next year... but looked forward summer vacation and possible travels. :3

In other news, thanks so much -- the Sisters Trinity piece has sold as well as the last of the Henshin Pups Field Notes~! We'll have more things on the way soon, so hang tight~ ^^

Aloha Friday! (Happy Kamehameha Day for all you Hawaii folk~!)

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5 Replies

  • Black Alice Butterfly

    Neh...I wonder, are you going to use Bon-dance art in future summer comics?

  • enibly

    My school ended just this week, and I know the feeling. Even saying goodbye to people who will be around next year is sad, because there's no guarantee that you'll have them in your classes ever again. Especially for me, since I only have a couple years left with everyone in school :[

  • Robert Kuboi

    Fanime Con is the same way... Once it's finished, I have to wait a whole year to see you special people again. Still, all the memories made this year will carry me over to the next. Thank you two for making so many people in this world happy.

    Ps... How's The Great Pizzaro doing?

  • animatsuri

    The only summer blues I ever had was when it ended.

    Most of the my school buds lived in walking distance. So summer ment more play time with my buds.