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Holy Mini Paintings! (for Sale!)

2 Ish Good!

First off!

I mentioned a little while back that I was going to need to figure out some way to raise funds to hit the New England Webcomics Weekend in Easthampton, MA in November?

Well, Holy Mini Paintings -- here we go:

MP-001.jpg   MP-002.jpg  

These guys are 3"x4" in size on strathmore watercolor paper "scraps". (I had cut them down from larger pads of paper for more manageable sizes~) They're currently available in the nemu*shop!

(If you're interested in buying more than one, we can combine the shipping and refund the extra.)

Mini Paintings - 2010.06.24
A shot of the paintings in progress~

All proceeds from these original sales will go to fund my trip! So please help me out~! :D

Also! We just put up that "Top 100 Webcomics" link on our sidebar! Please help us move up the ranks! I think the last time I checked, we were #555! The higher up the rank we move, the more visible we'll be! :D

And before I forget, Scott wanted me to share this little gem with you in light of today's strip~


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